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The Ska Is Dead 7" Club is a joint effort with Asbestos and Underground Communique Records, that combines our obsession with dead genres and dead formats. Each series is a set of 6 split 7”s from some of our favorite bands that have the audacity to still play ska, and ska influenced music.

A different band on each side features an unreleased new song or in some cases an unreleased cover or re-working of a previously recorded song.

Available by subscription only, each series consists of a limited edition of 500, 7” records that feature the best of both established, and up and coming acts in the genre.

Series One was released in late 2010 and early 2011. Series Two will be released in mid 2012.

To purchase, please visit:

1st Release - October 2010
Big D & the Kids Table "Not Our Fault" & "Lash Out"
Brunt of It "Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah" & "Art School Dropout"

2nd Release - November 2010
Mustard Plug "Aye, Aye, Aye"
The Beat Down " Piece of Mind"

3rd Release – December 2010
Vic Ruggiero with Maddie Ruthless and The Forthrights “Policeman”
The Forthrights, “Carla”

4th Release – December 2010
Sonic Boom Six “Play On”
The Nix 86 “Peter Pan Syndrome”

5th Release - February 2011
Reel Big Fish "New Version of You" (new version)
Tip the Van "Such Great Heights"

6th Release - March 2011
The Slackers "Find The Place"
Bomb the Music Industry "Hits Set"


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